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Benni Dekel, Head of Capital Markets Audit Division

Benni has over 30 years of experience in executing projects and jobs in Israel and abroad in capital markets. He has worked as a dealer in dealing rooms in the Bank,as a manager of dealing rooms in leading Banks, Director of back office Investment Bank, analyst, Portfolio Manager at the Bank and portfolio management company, a systems analyst in the capital market (leading Bank projects in Israel and abroad), Chief Information Officer of mutual fund management firm, Director of Economic Department (valuations and economic analysis) in mutual fund management company.

Benny led internal auditing and risk surveys dealing with processes and systems in the areas of capital markets and banking investments.
Benni has an MBA with a specialisation in finance, with a systems analyst, licensed to accounts on behalf of motive.

Due to the diverse activities Benni gained a lot of knowledge and experience that are helping his impressive analysis of work processes and to able to provide recommendations how to improve and give an added value to organisations.