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Integrity Ltd. sees great importance in making the site accessible to the consumer according to Section 35 F of the Regulations on Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Service Accessibility Adjustments), 2013-2013.

The site deals with information regarding digital courses and support programs offered by the company on improving the economic situation.

Accessibility adjustments have been made to the website according to the requirements of the Israeli standard on accessibility, however, despite all efforts, since there is a constant uploading of content and changes to the website, inconsistencies may be found and we thank you for passing on the information regarding them in order to standardize immediately.

If you find parts on the site that are not fully accessible or have a technical fault, contact us and we will help.

Add an accessibility bar that allows content to be presented in a manner compatible with the needs of the visually impaired public.
The navigation on the site is simple and clear
The site’s contents are written in a clear, orderly and hierarchical manner. There are explanations alongside the content
The site is optimized for viewing in modern browsers
Adapting the site to display compatible with a variety of screens and resolutions
The pages on the site have a fixed structure
The site allows changing the font size using the accessibility plugin
The company invests all its efforts in order to make the site accessible in the best possible way and to respond to every inquiry professionally and quickly.

The company provides its services through websites only, and there is no audience reception or physical meeting with the customers.

In the event that training or a face-to-face meeting is held, the meeting will be held in an accessible hall.

If you encounter difficulty browsing the website, or if you would like to notify the lack of accessibility adjustments, and/or request that accessibility be implemented or if you would like to draw our attention to any issue in the field, you can contact the company’s accessibility manager according to the contact information.

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