Cyber Academy

Our courses are designed for aspiring Cybersecurity or IT professionals seeking to expand their skill set with essential tools and techniques needed to excel in this critical field.

Our courses combine up-to-date theoretical knowledge with practical lab simulations and advanced tools by experienced lecturers from the field.
We invite you to join us and stay up to date with the latest Attacks and Threat Vectors due to the rapid advancements in technology and the ever-present threats found in dynamic business environments.

At Integrity we have developed several curriculums which provide extensive knowledge in various content worlds required to perform the job in the most professional way: information security architecture, attacking computer systems and communication networks, inclusion and management of cyber events, introduction to Forensics and Business Intelligence, Standards, Regulation and more.
Such as:

Increase regulatory understanding alongside a high level understanding of technical topics while learning to adapt the technical information to day-to-day work. The course focuses on Security Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, Technological Architecture and Information Security Controls as well as preparation for ISACA CISM, CIPM and CISSP certifications.

Designed to enrich Red Team Penetration Testing capabilities, provide exposure to new attack vectors and trends and familiarize with various Penetration Testing tools as well as Reconnaissance, Internal and External Network Attacks, Exploitation, Social Engineering, Hacking and Simulation Scenarios and PT Report Structure.

Diving deep into the world of SOC operations – the fundamental concepts, processes, and technologies involved in securing the organization’s digital assets. Security Monitoring, Proactive Threat Detection, Intelligence Analysis, Vulnerability Management and Incident Response.

Develop Threat Intelligence strategic skills, enhance accurate Threat Hunting for effective incident response and information validation, familiarize with open-source and community threat intelligence tools, create IOCs, understanding and exploitation of adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures and leverage frameworks such as the Kill Chain and MITRE ATT&CK.



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