A platform for autonomous protection against cyber-attacks, full automation for control and monitoring and detection and prevention of attacks. The platform provides counter-reaction to attacks.

With an option for continuous monitoring for employees with remote access to the organizations’ systems

A solution to prevent ransomware, information leakage and monitor sensitive activity of employees and suppliers

An Automated security control platform that delivers real-time visibility and control of all devices on the network

A secured file sharing software for sensitive documents management with Bank level security

Automatic total defence against the spread of cyber-attacks (Ransomware) within the organizational network for IT, OT & Automotive.

protection against internal threats – a system that monitors and records all activity of users in the organization's network, warns of any unusual or suspicious action and provides proactive tools, along with advanced identity management capabilities and advanced access to privileged accounts.

Online Threat Hunting, Social Anti-Phishing & Brand Protection solution.
Detects and fights online brand abuse; Trademark infringements, counterfeit sales, fraud etc.

Detecting and Eliminating DDoS threats before an attack.
The platform works as a non-disruptive top layer on any DDoS mitigation system.

an automatic platform that tests the strength of the company’s security by simulating real cyber-attacks throughout the full kill chain.
By operating thousands of attack strategies, the platform shows the organization exactly where they’re exposed and how to fix it.

Fast recovery from Cyber Attacks and IT failures. Backup for IT & OT infrastructure.