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Cyber Security Services

Cyber security events are starting to become reality rather than a thing of science fiction.
Nowdays, everyone is under constant attack by various malicious elements including states,
public bodies, private entities, and individuals.
We have a team of experts with extensive experience in consulting,
management and auditing of information systems and information security
and CISSP and CISA international certifications in the area of ​​information
security auditing, which provides, inter alia, the following services:

(257, 357, Ministry of Health, privacy protection, stock exchange member, etc.)
Kashrut for internal auditor, information security officer and manager.
Preparation and accompaniment of the customer in case of inspections by supervisory bodies.
Accompanying the implementation of the PCI standard of credit card companies in
conjunction with the Qualifying Factor (QSA).

Conducting risk surveys for mapping information security risks.

Accompanying the implementation of various regulations in aspects of information security,
including the Protection of Privacy Law and its regulations.
Construction, optimization and management of legacy systems in ERP systems and other systems.

Conducting surveys and implementing information security mechanisms in order to comply with
privacy protection laws and regulations.
Intrusion testing (an image of an attack by malicious hackers) and hardening of infrastructures,
databases, communications, and applications to detect and block security breaches.

Writing information security policies and procedures.
Preparation for ISO certification and more.
Formation and transfer of training to increase awareness in information security aspects.
Management of information security systems in organizations outsourcing (CISO).
Consulting in selecting and implementing information security solutions.
Conducting information security auditing on behalf of organizations in outsourcing.

The team uses and operates advanced standards and methodologies, and operates advanced
computerized tools for the provision of services, including: ISO 27001, COBIT, PCI, HIPAA,
Directive 357 and 257 of the Supervisor of Banks and the Supervisor of the Capital Market.

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