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Penetration Tests

At Integrity Consulting & Risk Management we offer Penetration testing in order to evaluate the security of an organization’s computer systems and provide insight into its ability to resist attack from unauthorized users by simulating attacks from external and internal threats.

Our experts use different tools and methods of penetration testing to provide objective and reliable solutions for the specific needs of our clients.


  • Identification of externally visible vulnerabilities at organizations’ wireless network, dial-up connections, email service, network and web applications.
  • Provide reliable IT system structures and enable the organization to gain conscience about potential attacks by digital intruders
  • Analyze risks of critical assets in information systems.

Some of the benefits that come with penetration tests include:

  • Intelligently manage vulnerability
  • Avoid cost of network downtime
  • Meet regulatory requirements and avoid fines
  • Preserve customer loyalty and corporate image

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