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Risk Management Services (ERM)

Today, businesses and governments face enterprise-wide risks around the environment, data protection, processes, and incomplete or biased information for decision making. Therefore, Risk Management is not the responsibility of a single department — it is the responsibility of everyone, from the chief executive down.

Our Firm uses risk-adjusted performance management methods and tools to help companies gain higher economic returns and increase stakeholder confidence by protecting against the adverse impacts of business disruption.
Our consultants assist companies with implementing a practical approach to ERM that is integrated with existing management processes to ensure that risk is appropriately considered in the strategy-setting process and is integrated with performance management, with the goal of providing an enterprise-wide view of risk, improving information for decision-making, reducing the risk of costly surprises and positioning risk management as a differentiating skill.

Our services include:

• Operational risk management: Helping clients model the potential economic and social impact of significant operational risk events, including operational risk data analytic platforms, complex “tail event” modeling systems, risk control self assessment solutions, and IT risk control management platforms.
• Data-driven solutions: Leverage of data driven solutions to improve governance and compliance practices including Basel II, CRDW and analytics, convergence (Op Risk/Comp./CRM), and others.
• Financial crimes: Assisting clients with the selection, design, implementation and tuning of fraud prevention, detection and analytic systems and anti-money laundering compliance programs and systems.
• Controls integration: Applying a business-centric approach which contains four components: application security controls, business process controls, data quality/integrity controls and IT general controls (ITGC).
• ERM strategy through execution: Developing an enterprise-wide risk management strategy through identification of risks, quantification, risk ranking, and determination of strategy to address high priority risks and identify process and technology changes that are required.
• Risk modeling & capital management: Provide specialty services in risk modeling targeting regulatory and economic modeling mandates (capacity on demand for complex analytics, risk process optimization and ORAM, & model risk and validation services).

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