Many companies believe that their investment in cutting-edge technology solutions mean that they are well protected from cyber attacks.  However, it is not only a matter of effective defences but also the people, the business and the organizational elements that come into play. An integrated approach is called for, tailored to the organization’s specific business needs and risk profile.


CISO as a Service

End-to-End Information Security and Cyber Security Technical and Regulatory Management across the organization by highly experienced and qualified professionals.


Penetration Testing

Simulating unauthorized attacks and malicious end users to examine the effectiveness of Infrastructure and Application existing security mechanisms by identifying Security Gaps, Vulnerabilities, and Loopholes.


Cyber Risk Assessment

A comprehensive technological evaluation of the Cyber Security vulnerabilities and threats in the organization with detailed recommendations for mitigation based on potential business impact.


Privacy lmplementation

Identifying Data Privacy Risks and developing strategies for mitigation as well as implementing Data Privacy Policies and Procedures to guarantee compliance with applicable data privacy legislation.


Supply Chain Cyber Consulting

Identifying, Assessing, and mitigating Cyber Security Risks associated with product and service supply chains. Covers the entire life cycle of a system (including design, development, distribution, deployment, acquisition, maintenance, and destruction).


Vulnerability Scanning

Providing Vulnerability Coverage for Software flaws, Malware & Botnets, Configuration & Physical/ Virtual and Cloud coverage for identifying Vulnerabilities, Threats and Compliance violations.


Cyber Intelligence

Proactive Threat Hunting and Cyber Intelligence Reports by dedicated analysts from a variety of sources for identifying planned attacks to reduce the potential damage from network intrusion by a hostile entity.


Cyber Security Audit

An objective assessment to identify and reflect the current level of organization’s Cyber Security Risk performed by a high experienced team with a wide benchmark and advanced tools.



Phishing Simulation:
a self-developed platform that provides enterprise readiness for phishing attacks. The managed solution enables the organization to perform customized simulations of various Phishing Attack scenarios thus raising employee awareness and effectively reducing the risk to the organization.

Information Security training for management and staff members.


Cyber related BCP & DRP

Creating and implementing a Cyber Security related Disaster Recovery plan as well as a Business Continuity Plan for effective response in an event of a Cyber Incident.


Cyber Incident Exercise for Executive Management

Conducting a unique Cyber Incident Exercise for executive management with methodical and technical exercises to practice and outline technical and strategic Incident Response.


System Security

Configuration and hardening of various Cyber Security solutions – infrastructure, Cloud, Application, Mail and more.


Cyber Security Governance

Creating and implementing Cyber Security policies and procedures suited to the organizations business objectives and in accordance with ISO27001 standards.


Cyber Incident Response team

24*7 Emergency Response team for first response to Cyber Security incidents, incident containment and mitigation, in-depth investigation and reporting to necessary regulatory institutions.



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