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Artyom Cobalt, Senior Cyber Security Expert

Artyom Cobalt, Senior Cybersecurity Expert.

Artyom Cobalt Experienced in cybersecurity with a demonstrated history of working in the
government administration industry, as well as in international and local Israel clients in
financial and other sectors.
Artyom has achieved his academic Cybersecurity expert diploma from HackerU Academy and
has a vast technological and management experience.
Artyom is acting as CISO for largest financial institutions with The turnover of billions of
dollars, helping to cope with regulatory requirements.
Among services provided by him are:
· Dealing with different of security incidents like Malicious Code (Malware, Crypto locker,
Ransomware, C&C & etc.), Unauthorized Access, Scans/Probes/Attempted Access, DDOS,
Improper Usage, Phishing/Spear Phishing/Scam,
· Writing procedures and policies.
· Conducting cybersecurity audits and surveys.
· Performing penetration testing services.
· Analyzing computer communication logs.
· Detection, investigation, and containment of security incidents.
· Data leakage Eradication planning, and preventing security threats.
· Digital Forensics, Endpoints Security.
· Hunting and Intelligence.
· Full reporting of high-security incidents.
· Training of employees.