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Emili Mata, Partner in Spain

Emili has over 25 years of experience in international technology sales, business development and key opportunities assessment.

Experienced as CEO, General Manager, Sales and Business Development Manager and Marketing Manager for several international TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunication) companies.

Along his extensive career he has built a huge international network of C-Level and key-decision professionals in many industries like Banking, Energy, Telecommunications, Media, Food, Health, Government and public agencies, Defense and Internet Economy among others.

Cross-organizational skills and management experience provides him an understanding of the needs, risks and priorities of the customers.

Leading in technology sales, business development, customer needs assessment, negotiation and key sales closing.

Seasoned and skilled negotiator, especially in complicated technical scenarios with many simultaneous requirements and objectives to be achieved.

High empathy and social skills, high networking capacity even in cold approach scenarios.

Computer Science education. Has accumulated extensive experience in system administration of mainframe-based and distributed network production systems.

Extensive software design and development experience across several industries and usages; transactional, network management, SDNs, Cloud, Big Data analytics, video encoding, CAM, banking and insurance, ATMs and POI, robotics, website, mobile apps..

Experienced IT project leader and IT Key Account Manager with several banks as well as many energy, health, insurance and productive industries.

Leads AnkorPoint-EU – An international business development service for technology companies.

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