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Olivier Cardoso, Head of Financial Risks Division

Olivier has a MA of Statistics and Stochastic Models in Economics and Finance. He has a 15 years’ experience of consulting in different domains for international banks and asset managers such as: financial controller, trader on vanilla and derivatives products (Forex, futures, commodities), Market Risk Management, Credit Risk and Counterparty Risk computation, VaR computation, Hedge Funds, Risk monitoring, project management, business analyst, Audit and Compliance, Electronic platforms.

He has a strong knowledge of financial products: Rate Instruments (Bonds, convertibles, debt), Forex spot and derivatives, commodity products, equity derivatives, OTC and listed derivatives (Repos, vanilla and exotic/hybrid swaps, options, futures…).

He has worked on different international regulations such as: ISDA and Master Agreements(netting, margin calls,…), FATCA rules for banks, UCITS rules for fund managers, AMF reports for the Market Regulation Authority, VaR and Credit VaR computation.

Olivier has strong skills of writing and has written official documentations on compliance, reporting, risk management processes and training guides.

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