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Sharon Chai-Matan, Cyber Expert SIM/SOC services

Sharon has over 20 years of experience in the field of computing, management of infrastructure and development teams, cross-organizational project management and international projects. Sharon is leading in technology, information security and innovation. established large-scale projects that combine business vision, understanding of needs and connection to organizational processes, while implementing various models of revenue and adapting the technological solution in the field of cyber.


  • Provides information security services to businesses.
  • Characterization and development of cyber intelligence technologies
  • He has extensive knowledge of private and public cloud solutions
  • Setting up and maintaining various computer systems in the field of cyber-data protection.
  • Knowledge-Based Solutions and Bleaching Systems of the Re-Sec Company
  • Management and establishment of SIEM-SOC nodes
  • Has knowledge of implementing KEMP Load Balancer solutions.
  • Devouring expertise in implementing backup solutions from Nakivo.


Leads Cyber ​​Integrity – a unique SIEM-SOC system for the Israeli economy from an international perspective.

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